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4 Reasons Golf Cart Rental Beats Car Rental In Miami

Are you headed to Miami this summer? You may be inclined to rent a car for your trip. But what if there were a more convenient alternative that allowed you to enjoy the fresh air, park easily, and let you access off-road beach trails? Bonus: some golf carts seat up to 6 people, making them a good fit for family fun. Sounds great, right? Good news – this alternative exists, and it’s easier to arrange than you think. Let us show you why a golf cart rental for your Miami Beach vacation is the best way to get around town!

#1 – Two Convenient Locations, Plus Pick-up / Drop Off

We’ve all waited in a long line at an airport for a car rental. And anything that sucks precious time away from your Miami vacation should be avoided! That’s why Scooter Style offers two convenient options for your rental. You can pick up your golf cart at one of our two Miami Beach locations. Can’t come to us? No problem – we’ll come to you! Call ahead and let us know where youre staying, and we’ll gladly drop your golf cart off at your hotel at a specific time.

#2 – Enjoy The Fresh Air While You Cruise

When you choose the Miami area as your vacation destination, there’s a good chance the weather has something to do with it. So why not soak up every bit of Florida sun and breeze that you can? Renting a golf cart allows you to enjoy the weather even while you drive around. Not sure where to cruise to on your golf cart? Check out this list of 10 can’t-miss spots. Another benefit? There’s no waiting around for your car to cool down – just hop in your golf cart and cool
down when you start driving!

#3 – Easy Parking (in Tight Spaces!)

Miami traffic can get a bit congested, and parking can be its own little adventure. Driving a golf cart, however, can make parking around town a far easier. Our golf carts will fit in even the smallest spots. That parallel space you couldn’t fit in with a car because the jerk in front double parked? Since golf carts are shorter than traditional vehicles, and easier to manipulate, those cramped spots are the perfect fit!

#4 – Access Off-Road Trails

Cruising around the streets of Miami Beach is fun, but the beach trails are incredible! While these trails are prohibited to regular cars, some of them allow the use of golf carts. This is a fun and exhilarating way to explore Miami’s beaches and wildlife. Visit this site to take a look at the trails around North Miami Beach. Call ahead to find out the trail’s rules about golf carts. Ready to trade in your car keys for a set of golf cart keys? We can’t wait to help you out! If you have more questions, check out our blog on everything you need to know about golf cart rentals. Call us at 305-904-8085 to reserve your golf cart now.