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Scooter Rentals: The Best Way to Get Around Miami

With Miami’s traffic levels ranking 6th worst in the US, a car might not be your best pick if you have a lot on your travel itinerary. And there’s so much to see! Art Deco District, Jungle Island, the Miami Seaquarium, Bayside Marketplace, and the beautiful Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. A scooter rental from Scooter Style can help you zip right through all the traffic and make the most of your days in Miami.

Traffic & Parking Are A Breeze

Miami is a pretty large city; the metropolitan area stretches over 6,000 square miles. You’ll be spending a fair amount of time on the road, so you might as well have fun in between destinations. Customers have said that our SoBe scooter rentals made their commute not only easy as they were able to weave in and out of traffic, but fun as well!

When it comes to parking, rumor has it that the parking in Miami Beach can be crazy expensive and difficult to find, but we disagree! With a scooter, parking is cheaper and easier. There are scooter-only parking spots every few blocks in Miami Beach, some of which are even completely free.

More Affordable Than Cars & Taxis

Renting a car is always an option for navigating Miami but it’s definitely pricier, especially with the gas spent stuck in traffic. Alternatively, taxis are also readily available in Miami but beware of traffic. Rookie tourists who have taken cabs during rush hour have been shocked at the fares charged after extra time spent in traffic jams.

A scooter rental is the more affordable way to cruise through South Beach. With our Vespa rentals, you won’t be hit with surprise costs (or get caught up in rush hour traffic!). You pay a flat rental fee and pay for gas — that’s it.

Safe And Dependable

Scooter Style offers repair and maintenance services, so all our products are serviced and in top condition. You can be sure that you’re getting the a safe, dependable scooter when you rent from us.

We welcome both first-time scooter riders and experienced pros. We give first-timers an onsite scooter tutorial that includes driving and parking, as well as filling up the gas tank. Scooter Style will also give you the contact information for our technicians just in case you have an issue with a flat tire or run into any other problems throughout your trip. We will give you everything you need to ensure that you’re ready to explore Miami on your very own scooter.

Just picture yourself riding along Collins Avenue in South Beach, better known by locals as SoBe, on your very own rental scooter! If you’re looking for the best Vespa rentals in Miami, look no further. We’re located on Collins Ave so come by, grab your rental, and hit the road in style. Make a reservation online now or call 305-904-8085 to learn more.