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Everything You Need To Know About ScootCoupe Rentals In Miami Beach

Have you seen a ScootCoupe scooting around town lately? These zippy little three-wheel vehicles are all the rage since being featured on a few major network television shows. With side-by-side seating, trunk storage, safety features, and a more "car-like" driving experience than a traditional scooter, the ScootCoupe is the perfect rental for couples wanting to explore South Beach in open-air style!

Best of all, Scooter Style is the ONLY place you can rent these beauties on the beach!

Here’s everything you need to know about ScootCoupe rentals in Miami Beach

It’s Technically A Moped

The P50 ScootCoupe model that Scooter Style rents has a 49cc engine and a top speed of 30MPH. It’s perfect for cruising around the beach and taking in the sights at a leisurely pace.

It Has Basic Licensing Requirements

Because it is 49cc, any person 18+ with a valid drivers license can rent a ScootCoupe. Just bring a major credit card, sign a rental agreement, and get a quick safety course. 

It’s Street Legal 

And you must follow the laws. ScootCoupes and other 49cc scooter rentals are able to go on any road where the speed limit is 30mph or less. Like any scooter, moped, or motorcycle, you must obey all traffic laws, just like cars. This means you can’t drive in the bike lane, cross double yellow lines to pass standstill traffic, or roll through stop signs. The Miami Beach Police Department does not hesitate to issue citations to scooter riders (even if you are in an adorable ScootCoupe!). 

It’s More Stable Than A Scooter

For drivers who are uncomfortable on a scooter, especially with another passenger, the ScootCoupe is a far more stable alternative. The three wheels give it a more car-like driving experience, and the side-by-side seating lets passengers chat and interact easier than on a scooter. 

It Has A Trunk

It isn’t huge, but it’s the perfect size to stash your shopping finds until you get back to your hotel. Just be sure to lock up if you stop and leave your ScootCoupe unattended!

It Has Seatbelts

And roll bars! If safety is a concern, the ScootCoupe is fully-equipped to keep you and your passenger safe. It also has anti-lock brakes and high-visibility taillights and brake lights. 

Did We Mention It’s Cute?

If Herbie the Love Bug and a beach buggy had a baby, it would probably look a lot like a ScootCoupe. The bubbly design, bright colors, and exciting open-air experience make this an all-around FUN way to get around South Beach!  

Book Your ScootCoupe Rental In Miami Today

Scooter Style is the only spot where you can currently rent a ScootCoupe. Give us a call today at 305-904-8085 to reserve yours! We have two convenient locations in Miami Beach at 1676 Collins Avenue, and 233 11th Street. Or, we’ll deliver your ScootCoupe to your hotel or vacation rental – whatever’s most convenient for you!