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Meet Our New Golf Cart Rentals In South Beach

While scooters will never go out of style, golf cart rentals in South Beach are the hottest new way to get around — especially for larger groups or families. Before you judge, know that these are NOT the same golf carts you’ll be teeing off in tomorrow. These golf carts are street legal, gas-powered, and downright cool to drive around in! 

Check out our new golf cart rentals in South Beach and decide which is right for you.

EZ Go L6

This is our only golf cart that looks like a golf cart, but with rugged tires and a higher clearance, it’s still way more stylish than any course’s standard fleet. More importantly, the EZ Go is super comfy and roomy. We have two different sizes that accommodate 4-6 adults. The EZ Go has plenty of storage under the seats for your shopping finds, and is fully equipped with safety features, including seatbelts, headlights, turn signals, and mirrors. A roof and fold down windshield provide some protection from rain. The EZ Go L6 is perfect for families, larger travel parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, and sight-seeing and tour groups. 

Reserve your EZ Go L6 now.

Hummer H3

The Hummer H3 is definitely not your grandpa’s golf cart! Proportionally designed to look like a mini Hummer H3, this golf cart exudes luxury and style. The seats are more akin to real SUV seats than golf cart seats, and the H3 boasts the most legroom of any of our golf carts. It’s the perfect vehicle for taller passengers or for longer trips when comfort is a priority. Like all our street legal golf carts, the H3 comes with headlights, turn signals, seat belts, mirrors, and everything else you need to stay safe while cruising the beach. The Hummer H3 seats four adults, but some adults may not find the smaller backseat as comfortable as the EZ Go. The H3 is perfect for couples, friends, smaller parties, and families with older children that can ride independently in the back.

Reserve your Hummer H3 now

Prime Golf Cart

Our Prime Golf Cart is designed to look like a mini version of a classic California Roadster, and it is oh so cool to drive! This is the golf cart you want to rent when you want to see and be seen. You could cruise up and down Ocean Drive for hours taking in the beautiful people and sights in this open-air classic car golf cart. While it does come with all the standard safety features of our other carts, it’s not as roomy or comfortable as the EZ Go or H3. It seats four adults, making it the perfect ride for couples or friends, or a girls night out when you want to arrive at the club in style!

Reserve your Prime Golf Cart now

Book Your Golf Cart Rental In South Beach Today!

Golf carts are the perfect alternative to cars and scooters, especially for larger groups and families. It’s important to note that all drivers must be 18 years old and have a valid drivers license. And families will be glad to know that children can ride in golf carts as long as they wear a seat belt and remain seated at all times.

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