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Scooter Been Sitting Unused For A While? Here’s How To Get It Running

With the entire state of Florida virtually shut down for 3 months, it’s likely your scooter didn’t get much use. Even our mechanics here at Scooter Style have been slammed getting our fleet up to snuff and road-ready after sitting since March.

If your scooter has been sitting for a while, there are a few things you’ll want to check before taking it out for a spin. If you’re not a DIY-er, don’t forget that both of our locations on 11th St. and Collins Ave. offer scooter repair in Miami Beach.

Check Engine Oil

If your scooter has been sitting unused, it’s unlikely you need to change the oil (unless it was overdue before you parked it). But you should check the oil level and add a bit if necessary.

Check Fuel Tank

Use a flashlight to inspect inside of gas tank, looking for any sediment or water, which would settle to the lowest point in the tank. As a rule of thumb, if the scooter has been sitting used for more than a couple months, empty the fuel tank and refill it.

Check Tires

Visually inspect tires for damage, wear, or dry rot. Use a tire gauge to check the pressure and ensure it’s within the manufacturer’s specified range. Add air if necessary.

Check Screws

Check and tighten all screws, nuts, and bolts. Be sure to check the fasteners on the muffler and exhaust, as well as the front and rear axels.

Check Air Filter

Check and replace air filter if needed. Unless it was overdue prior to sitting, or it’s been stored in a dusty location, it should be fine.

Check Exhaust For Debris

Especially if your scooter has been outside, animals may have made nests in the exhaust. Check the pipe with a flashlight. Also check any other nooks and crannies that could have accumulated debris and clear as needed.

Check Spark Plug

Check to see if the spark plug is loose or if the connections need to be cleaned.

See If Scooter Starts

Press the ignition and see if the engine turns over. After sitting for a while, you may need to crank it for a few seconds to circulate oil. If the scooter starts and the engine is running smoothly, you should be good to go!

If the scooter does not start, is consistently difficult to start (requiring multiple cranks to turn over), or if it starts then stops, or if it stops but the engine is running rough, it could be the spark plug or an issue with compression. A new spark plug is a quick and affordable thing to try, but if you suspect a compression problem, call Scooter Style so we can get you in the shop and take a look.

Scooter Repair In South Beach When You Need It

If scooter maintenance isn’t your thing, no problem! Our scooter mechanics are experienced with working on all types and brands of scooters. Whether your scooter isn’t working, or you just need regular tune-ups or maintenance at the recommended 1,000/2,000 miles, just give us a call at 305-904-8085 to schedule your scooter repair in Miami Beach at our 11th St. or Collins Ave. location.