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What Happens If I Get Pulled Over On My Scooter Rental

You’re cruising around South Beach on your scooter rental when suddenly you see those dreaded flashing lights behind you. No, you’re not imagining it – you can get pulled over and receive driving citations – even on a rental scooter. In fact, in March of 2018 alone, the Miami Police wrote out 450 citations to scooter drivers.

Driving a scooter is relatively simple, but there are still laws that must be abided for your own safety, as well as the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. Below, we’ll discuss the driving citation process and share some of the most common laws broken while driving a scooter, so you can have fun, stay safe, and avoid a ticket!

The Ticketing Process

Getting a ticket on your scooter is not much different than getting a ticket in your car. Essentially, if you are pulled over by an officer, you will need to provide your driver’s license. You’ll also explain that the scooter you’re driving is a rental. [ NEED TO KNOW IF SS REQUIRES INSURANCE IS NOT REQUIRED BUT MANY OF THEIR COMPETITORS DO REQUIRE IT SO NEED TO CHECK FAQ] Just like in a standard traffic stop, the officer will check your driving record and return to you with a citation.

Depending on where you are at the time of the violation, tickets are issued by the Miami Beach Police Department or the North Miami Beach Police Department. If you don’t believe are guilty of breaking the law for which you’ve been issued a citation, you can attempt to appeal the ticket. All traffic and parking violations are ultimately processed by the Miami-Dade County Traffic Court. You can begin the appeal process by calling 305-275-1111. Otherwise, you can pay the fine. Penalties can range depending on the offense.

Rules To Follow

  1. Stay on roads where the speed limit is 30 MPH or less
  2. Do not let anyone who under 16 years of age drive
  3. Be sure any passengers under 16 wear helmets
  4. Do not drive your scooter on the sidewalk – only on authorized roads
  5. Do NOT drive on the yellow traffic line to pass stopped traffic
  6. Do not ride in bicycle lanes


The above does not represent a comprehensive list of laws pertaining to driving your rental scooter. You can learn more about Florida Scooter law here. We are also happy to answer any questions you might have. Requirements regarding the rental of some of our vehicles vary, so call ahead to make sure that you are eligible to rent the model  that you’re interested in.

Rent Safely With Scooter Style

At Scooter Style, your safety and fun are our top priorities! We ensure that you leave the shop with a scooter you are legally allowed to drive. We also conduct a quick onsite training and safety course to make sure you are confident and comfortable driving your scooter rental.

Ready to roll? When you’re ready to make a reservation, call us at 305-904-8085, or fill out our form  to request a rental.