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Tips For DIY Scooter Maintenance

Owning a scooter is a far more affordable and easy means of transportation than a car. But scooters still require regular maintenance to ensure they’re safe and operating efficiently. The great thing about scooter maintenance is that there are fewer parts, the mechanics are simpler, and many scooter owners find that most regular maintenance is simple to do themselves.

Whether you’re a long time scooter owner, or considering purchasing your first one, here are some DIY maintenance tips to keep you cruising along.

#1 – Read Your Owner’s Manual

Yes, this is not the most exciting thing in the world, but it’s key if you want to save money and perform routine maintenance yourself. Every scooter make and model is different, but your owner’s manual will outline a recommended maintenance schedule and teach you the ins and outs of your scooter mechanics.

Most importantly, your scooter’s warranty may require you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to keep it intact (i.e. if you fail to change the oil and the engine burns up, you’re not covered under warranty).

#2 – Perform Routine Maintenance

If you are familiar with your scooter’s mechanics and are comfortable with basic maintenance, it is possible for regular maintenance to be an easy DIY job. While every manufacturer will have their own recommendations, the following is a general guideline for scooter maintenance from Scooter Focus:

Every 250 miles or every month:

Check engine oil level
Check tire pressure
Check lights and horn
Check battery level

Every 1000 miles or every 6 months

Change engine oil
Check tires for wear
Check valve stems for splits or cracks
Check brakes and throttle operation. Lubricate cables if required
Check all screws nuts and bolts and tighten. Especially check muffler and exhaust fasteners and front and rear axles

Every 2000 miles or every year

Change the transmission oil
Check and adjust valve clearance
Clean air cleaner
Check and clean (or replace) spark plug
Check brake linings.
Check/clean/lubricate brake and throttle cables
Check CVT drive belt for wear and cracks
Check wheel and steering bearings

#3 – Partner With A Professional You Trust

Listen, if you can perform basic maintenance to keep your scooter in tip-top shape, that’s fantastic! But many owners either aren’t confident enough or simply don’t have the time. That’s why it’s important to have a scooter repair and maintenance professional on call that you can trust.

Scooter Style in Miami Beach is that professional. We do far more than just rent scooters: we are a full-service repair, maintenance, and dealer for new and used scooters. Whether you need a go-to technician for your regular maintenance, or you break down and need an emergency repair, we’re here when you need us.

Contact Scooter Style at 305-904-8085 or email to schedule service or get an estimate for repairs. In the neighborhood? Just stop in! We have two convenient locations on the beach at 1676 Collins Avenue and 233 11th Street.