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Which Scooter Rental is Right For Me?

So you’ve decided to enhance your Miami experience with a scooter rental! We know you’re excited to start your adventure. The next step is to decide which scooter model will be right for you. It can be a little overwhelming when faced with so many options, but understanding the benefits of some or our most popular scooters can help narrow down your choices so you can identify the best option for your time in Miami!


When you hear “scooter,” the Vespa is probably the model that pops into your mind. The Vespa is a sleek looking scooter with a retro feel. It is known for both performance and style. A Vespa rental is recommended if you:

Are a newer scooter rider
Are taller than average or like the feeling of a higher seat
Prefer a smoother ride


For the adventurer! This scooter screams fun. With its flashy appearance and high power, it’s the closest we offer to a motorcycle. The Boom may be the right option if you:

Have experience riding a scooter or are comfortable with a scooter with some pick-up!
Prefer a scooter that rides closer to a motorcycle
Are of average height

Ice Bear Maddog

This is NOT your average scooter! Sure to attract the attention of passers by, this scooter features lowered and stretched seating. You may consider an Ice Bear Maddog if you:

Are an experienced scooter rider looking for something a little different
Are comfortable riding low
Want to be driving the flashiest looking scooter around!

Golf Cart

Yes – you read that right. Most times when people decide on a scooter rental, they’re looking to spice up their days with more fresh air and a little adventure. Many of the benefits of renting a scooter can also be achieved by renting a golf cart. Our EZ GO L6 golf carts are road ready and seat up to 6! We recommend considering a golf cart rental if you:

Are comfortable with the feel of a car and nervous about driving a scooter
Have children over car seat age but under driving age and intend to drive with them in your rental
Are traveling with a group and do not want to take the chance of becoming separated

This is just a taste of what Scooter Styles has to offer! We have other models as well as price breaks for multiple days’ rentals. To view all of our available models, as well as our special pricing options, click here.

Come By For A Look or Reserve Your Scooter Today!

If you’re still having trouble deciding which of our rental options is your best fit, come visit us at one of our two convenient locations on Collins Street or 11th Ave! A member of our team will guide you through the advantages of each rental and address any questions you may have.

If you’ve selected the best scooter (or golf cart) for you, it’s time to make your reservation! You can request your dates here or call us at 305-904-8085. We look forward to enhancing your time in Miami!