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Which Scooter Rental is Right For Me?

So you’ve decided to enhance your Miami experience with a scooter rental! We know you’re excited to start your adventure. The next step is to decide which scooter model will be right for you. It can be a little overwhelming when faced with so many options, but understanding the benefits of some or our most popular scooters can help narrow down your choices so you can identify the best option for your time in Miami!


When you hear “scooter,” the Vespa is probably the model that pops into your mind. The Vespa is a sleek looking scooter with a retro feel. It is known for both performance and style. A Vespa rental is recommended if you:

Are a newer scooter rider
Are taller than average or like the feeling of a higher seat
Prefer a smoother ride


For the adventurer! This scooter screams fun. With its flashy appearance and high power, it’s the closest we offer to a motorcycle. The Boom may be the right option if you:

Have experience riding a scooter or are comfortable with a scooter with some pick-up!
Prefer a scooter that rides closer to a motorcycle
Are of average height

Ice Bear Maddog

This is NOT your average scooter! Sure to attract the attention of passers by, this scooter features lowered and stretched seating. You may consider an Ice Bear Maddog if you:

Are an experienced scooter rider looking for something a little different
Are comfortable riding low
Want to be driving the flashiest looking scooter around!

Golf Cart

Yes – you read that right. Most times when people decide on a scooter rental, they’re looking to spice up their days with more fresh air and a little adventure. Many of the benefits of renting a scooter can also be achieved by renting a golf cart. Our EZ GO L6 golf carts are road ready and seat up to 6! We recommend considering a golf cart rental if you:

Are comfortable with the feel of a car and nervous about driving a scooter
Have children over car seat age but under driving age and intend to drive with them in your rental
Are traveling with a group and do not want to take the chance of becoming separated

This is just a taste of what Scooter Styles has to offer! We have other models as well as price breaks for multiple days’ rentals. To view all of our available models, as well as our special pricing options, click here.

Come By For A Look or Reserve Your Scooter Today!

If you’re still having trouble deciding which of our rental options is your best fit, come visit us at one of our two convenient locations on Collins Street or 11th Ave! A member of our team will guide you through the advantages of each rental and address any questions you may have.

If you’ve selected the best scooter (or golf cart) for you, it’s time to make your reservation! You can request your dates here or call us at 305-904-8085. We look forward to enhancing your time in Miami!

Tips For DIY Scooter Maintenance

Owning a scooter is a far more affordable and easy means of transportation than a car. But scooters still require regular maintenance to ensure they’re safe and operating efficiently. The great thing about scooter maintenance is that there are fewer parts, the mechanics are simpler, and many scooter owners find that most regular maintenance is simple to do themselves.

Whether you’re a long time scooter owner, or considering purchasing your first one, here are some DIY maintenance tips to keep you cruising along.

#1 – Read Your Owner’s Manual

Yes, this is not the most exciting thing in the world, but it’s key if you want to save money and perform routine maintenance yourself. Every scooter make and model is different, but your owner’s manual will outline a recommended maintenance schedule and teach you the ins and outs of your scooter mechanics.

Most importantly, your scooter’s warranty may require you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to keep it intact (i.e. if you fail to change the oil and the engine burns up, you’re not covered under warranty).

#2 – Perform Routine Maintenance

If you are familiar with your scooter’s mechanics and are comfortable with basic maintenance, it is possible for regular maintenance to be an easy DIY job. While every manufacturer will have their own recommendations, the following is a general guideline for scooter maintenance from Scooter Focus:

Every 250 miles or every month:

Check engine oil level
Check tire pressure
Check lights and horn
Check battery level

Every 1000 miles or every 6 months

Change engine oil
Check tires for wear
Check valve stems for splits or cracks
Check brakes and throttle operation. Lubricate cables if required
Check all screws nuts and bolts and tighten. Especially check muffler and exhaust fasteners and front and rear axles

Every 2000 miles or every year

Change the transmission oil
Check and adjust valve clearance
Clean air cleaner
Check and clean (or replace) spark plug
Check brake linings.
Check/clean/lubricate brake and throttle cables
Check CVT drive belt for wear and cracks
Check wheel and steering bearings

#3 – Partner With A Professional You Trust

Listen, if you can perform basic maintenance to keep your scooter in tip-top shape, that’s fantastic! But many owners either aren’t confident enough or simply don’t have the time. That’s why it’s important to have a scooter repair and maintenance professional on call that you can trust.

Scooter Style in Miami Beach is that professional. We do far more than just rent scooters: we are a full-service repair, maintenance, and dealer for new and used scooters. Whether you need a go-to technician for your regular maintenance, or you break down and need an emergency repair, we’re here when you need us.

Contact Scooter Style at 305-904-8085 or email to schedule service or get an estimate for repairs. In the neighborhood? Just stop in! We have two convenient locations on the beach at 1676 Collins Avenue and 233 11th Street.

Everything You Need To Know About Golf Cart Rentals In Miami

Scooter rentals are a fun way to get around Miami, but they're not very practical for families or
visitors who want to hit the shops. Car rentals are functional and comfortable, but South Beach
traffic is brutal; and who wants to be stuck in a car when you could be cruising the beach with
the wind in your hair and the sun on your face?

Golf cart rentals are the perfect solution. With room for 6, seatbelts for safety, and plenty of
storage, you can hit the beach in style and enjoy all the benefits of car and scooter rentals, with
none of the drawbacks.

Golf carts on the road?

Let's clear one thing up first: these golf carts are COOL. These are not your grandma's
retirement village carts, and they're not same carts you're going to hit the links in. Golf cart
rentals from Scooter Style have been lifted, painted, and made street-legal. They're gas, not
electric, so they've got pep. They also have bluetooth speakers so you can jam out as you
cruise down the strip. They're cool, we promise. Come check them out for yourself and see!

Now let's cover some FAQs we often hear about renting a golf cart in Miami.

How are they powered?

Scooter Style rents gas powered EZ-GO street-legal golf carts, so there's no need to charge
them and you don't have to worry about being stranded with a dead battery. Never gassed up a
golf cart before? We'll show you how!

Where can they go?

Our golf carts can go on any road where the posted speed limit is 30 MPH or less. You can't
take them on the highway, but their perfect for downtown and beach sightseeing.

Are there any special rules for driving a golf cart on the street?

You are required to follow all the same traffic laws as cars and scooters. Stay on the road, in
your lane, and stop and go with traffic signals just like you would in a car.

Where can I park?

In any legal parking spot! Because golf carts are small, you can squeeze in the tightest spots,
even when inconsiderate car-drivers park over the lines.

How much storage do golf carts have?

There are storage compartments located under the seats – plenty of room for your beach bag or
shopping finds! Please just be sure to secure the golf cart when parking, and never leave
personal belongings in the cart when unattended.

How many people can ride in a golf cart?

Scooter Style rents 4 and 6 person golf carts. So bring the whole family!

Can children ride in golf carts?

Yes! All of our golf carts are equipped with seatbelts for safety. Children, and all other riders,
should remain seated when the cart is in motion.

How old do you have to be to rent/drive a golf cart?

You must be 18 years old and have a valid driver's license.

What do I need to rent a golf cart?

You must have a driver's license and credit card and agree to our rental contract.

What if it rains?

You might get wet! But not as wet as you would on a scooter! Golf carts have a top and hinged
windshield to offer some protection from the elements. Keep in mind though, the rain usually
doesn't last long here. Find a spot to grab a quick bite or do some shopping to wait it out, and
you'll be back on the road in no time.

What if I've never driven a golf cart before?

No problem! We offer free onsite tutorials before you hit the road. Golf carts are very easy – and
fun! – to drive.

Ready to go? Reserve your Miami Beach golf rental online, and we'll have it waiting for you!

Top Spots For Miami Beach Watersports

With its prime location on the Atlantic Ocean and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it makes sense that Miami is a hot spot for watersport enthusiasts. Whether you come to party, dive, fish, paddleboard, or try something a little more extreme, there’s a place for it in Miami.

Private Yacht Charter & Party Boat

Miami Private Yacht Charters & Rentals

Half, full day and sunset tours are available on a variety of yacht and party boats ranging from 48′ – 130′. Highly trained captains and crew treat guests as royalty, accommodating any type of event including parties and special celebrations, romantic getaways, corporate events, water sports and snorkeling.

Fishing Charters


Located at Haulover Marina, Therapy-IV offers private or shared, half and full day fishing charters to catch big game fish like marlin, sailfish, shark, tuna, mahi-mahi, grouper, snapper and tarpon. Captain Stan and the Therapy-IV crew have been fishing the waters off Miami for 45 years.


South Beach Parasailing

Get a bird’s eye view of South Beach while soaring above the water under a giant parachute. South Beach Parasailing is the premier parasail company on the beach, with a perfect safety record and a crew that is passionate about helping guests enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Jetski Rentals

Jetski Tours of Miami

Rent a jetski and set out on your own, or take a guided tour of six islands including Bayside, Star Island, Sir Flagler and more. The company also offers jetski and snorkeling tour combos, yacht rentals, fishing charters and land tours of some of the hottest spots in Miami.


Miami Watersports Paradise

Located at Miami Beach Marina, the company offers a little bit of everything to please everyone in your group. Watersport services include private boat tours, wakesurf, wakeboard, waterski lessons, tubing sessions, island boat tours, kayaking, paddle board, party mat, snorkeling and jetski packages.


South Beach Dive & Surf Center

A PADI 5 Star dive facility located in South Beach, the company offers everything from dive lessons and certification to snorkeling and scuba diving trips to tour the wreckage in the waters around Miami all the way down to John Pennekamp in Key Largo.

Aquajet Miami

Aquajet Miami offers guests an unforgettable thrill with flying toys such as Jetpack, Flyboard and Hoverboard. The company guarantees that guests will be able to fly after 15 minutes of flight training with certified professional coaches.


South Beach Kayak

Want a break from the waves? Paddle over to South Beach Kayak for a relaxing paddleboarding or kayaking outing around Biscayne Bay. For a truly memorable experience, take a guided tour around Miami’s famous islands including Sunset Island, Venetian, Hibiscus, Palm and Star Islands.

Rent A ScootTap into your inner Iron Man and fly over one of the most iconic skylines in the world. Our certified FlyBoard instructors are ready to show you how this adrenaline packed Watersport is easier than you would imagine

Find more boat tour and watersport companies in Miami Beach ranked by visitors on TripAdvisor.

Rent A Scooter And Bring Your Suit

Many of these watersport companies tout an all-inclusive experience, meaning all you need to do is show up and bring your suit. And what better way to cruise down the beach and arrive in style than with a scooter or Vespa rental from Scooter Style!

Book your scooter rental online or call 305-904-8085 to learn more about our Miami Beach scooters for rent.

Scooter Rental Safety Tips

You’ve arrived in Miami Beach and you’re about to finalize your Vespa rental! You’re picturing yourself zipping through the Miami streets, cruising down to the beach, taking in the sights with the wind in your hair. While a scooter is a fun and affordable way to get around Miami, safety is still priority number one. Here are a few tips for maximizing your fun while staying safe on your scooter.

Protective Gear

It will come as no surprise that the most important piece of safety equipment is a helmet. Preventing a head injury is as easy as strapping on one of our DOT-approved helmets, complete with goggles or a face guard to keep road dust out of your eyes. You can use one of our helmets (included with your scooter rental) or bring your own; either way, your head needs to be protected before you roll out on your scooter.

As for the rest of your body, a scooter doesn’t require the same safety precautions as a motorcycle, but it’s still a good idea to wear long pants and a light jacket to give your skin a little extra protection in case of an accident. Also, it can help drivers see you if you wear bright colors and reflective strips.

Safe Driving

The safety rules for driving a car and riding a scooter are a little different, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with some basic tips before you take off.

  • Use your turn signal. Drivers of cars need to do this too, but it’s even more important when you’re on a scooter. Give the drivers around you plenty of notice before you change lanes or turn a corner so they don’t accidentally cut you off. You can even use the hand signals you likely learned in drivers’ ed to indicate when you’re turning, stopping, or slowing down.
  • Stay visible. You probably know that it can be hard to see motorcycles in your blind spot on the highway; this is doubly true for scooters. Avoid getting into a car’s side blind spot and make sure the drivers can see you.
  • Keep to a safe speed. It’s tempting to zip off into the sunset as fast as possible, but resist it! Always drive within the posted speed limits and go with the flow of traffic.

Theft Prevention

Simple, common-sense preventive measures can stop you from being a victim of theft. When you rent a scooter from Scooter Style, your rental will include a cable chain lock  that you can use to secure your scooter in designated parking spots. Never, ever leave your valuables on the scooter, even in locked compartments. Only carry what you need and leave everything else locked safely in your hotel room.

You’ll get the most out of your vacation with a scooter rental from Scooter Style. Without the aggravation of driving and parking a car, you’ll have that much more time to see everything Miami Beach has to offer. Reserve your scooter now by calling 305-904-8085 or contacting us through our website.

Best Miami Beach Restaurants Near Scooter Style

With such a vibrant cultural scene filled with people from every corner of the world, it’s no surprise that South Beach is home to some of the best restaurants anywhere. Want to skip the traffic and park with ease at the trendiest spots in town? Pop into Scooter Style on Collins Avenue, pick out your scooter rental, and hit the road in style.

With 764 restaurants in Miami Beach, the sky’s the limit when it comes to choices, but deciding where to go can be just as challenging! Here are the top restaurants near Scooter Style as rated by diners on Tripadvisor.

#1 Santorini by Georgios

Located inside the Hilton Bentley Hotel at the southern tip of South Beach on Ocean Drive, Santorin by Georgios is as close to Greece as you can get without hopping on a 15 hour flight. Featuring fresh seafood, authentic Greek flavors, large portions, and excellent service, Santorini is where the locals go to avoid the SoBe crowds. Read the reviews.

#2 Pane & Vino

Located on Washington Avenue, Pane & Vino (Italian for "bread & wine") is a family owned and operated authentic rustic Italian eatery. Featuring imported wines, handmade pasta, and an impeccable attention to detail, diners relax in the inviting atmosphere and enjoy a culinary journey across Italy. Read the reviews.

#3 CVI.CHE 105

Located on Lincoln Road, a pedestrian road and top spot for shopping, dining and people watching, CVI.CHE 105 (pronounced "ceviche") is an authentic Peruvian restaurant featuring fresh seafood, traditional Peruvian fare, and renowned ceviche. Take the scenic Venetian Causeway across Biscayne Bay to visit their second location at Bayside Marketplace. Read the reviews.

#4 Mister O1 Extraordinary Pizza

With two locations in South Beach and Brickell, Mister O1 Extraordinary Pizza is "that famous hidden place" featuring world-renowned pizza, an antipasti and mozzarella bar, and a dizzying array of salad combinations. Locals and visitors alike agree it’s worth the search and nondescript decor for this hidden gem. Read the reviews.

#5 Otentic Fresh Food Restaurant

Located on Washington Avenue in the heart of South Beach, Otentic Fresh Food Restaurant is an authentic French bistro that combines the romantic Paris cafe feel with Miami’s vibrant Art Deco scene. Featuring classical French and European dishes, the eatery is a welcome change from traditional beach fare. Read the reviews.

Bonus: 5 More Miami Beach Restaurants To Check Out

#6 StripSteak by Michael Mina – Classic American steakhouse located in the iconic Fountainebleau Hotel. Read the reviews.

#7 Blocks Pizza Deli – Fast, affordable and fresh artisanal Roman style pizza and deli located on Washington Avenue. Read the reviews.

#8 Cleo – Award-winning, Mediterranean inspired cuisine and nightly happy hour in a fun atmosphere, located on Collins Avenue. Read the reviews.

#9 Cafe Prima Pasta – A Miami Beach staple serving traditional Italian fare for more than 20 years, located on 71st Street. Read the reviews.

#10 Byblos – Middle East and Mediterranean dishes with a local twist in a beautifully decorated spot in the iconic Shorecrest building. Read the reviews

Arrive In Style With A Scooter Rental

With a Vespa rental from Scooter Style, you can zip through traffic, park with ease, and hit all the hottest dining spots Miami Beach has to offer. Call 305-904-8085 or make a reservation online now!

Scooter Rentals: The Best Way to Get Around Miami

With Miami’s traffic levels ranking 6th worst in the US, a car might not be your best pick if you have a lot on your travel itinerary. And there’s so much to see! Art Deco District, Jungle Island, the Miami Seaquarium, Bayside Marketplace, and the beautiful Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. A scooter rental from Scooter Style can help you zip right through all the traffic and make the most of your days in Miami.

Traffic & Parking Are A Breeze

Miami is a pretty large city; the metropolitan area stretches over 6,000 square miles. You’ll be spending a fair amount of time on the road, so you might as well have fun in between destinations. Customers have said that our SoBe scooter rentals made their commute not only easy as they were able to weave in and out of traffic, but fun as well!

When it comes to parking, rumor has it that the parking in Miami Beach can be crazy expensive and difficult to find, but we disagree! With a scooter, parking is cheaper and easier. There are scooter-only parking spots every few blocks in Miami Beach, some of which are even completely free.

More Affordable Than Cars & Taxis

Renting a car is always an option for navigating Miami but it’s definitely pricier, especially with the gas spent stuck in traffic. Alternatively, taxis are also readily available in Miami but beware of traffic. Rookie tourists who have taken cabs during rush hour have been shocked at the fares charged after extra time spent in traffic jams.

A scooter rental is the more affordable way to cruise through South Beach. With our Vespa rentals, you won’t be hit with surprise costs (or get caught up in rush hour traffic!). You pay a flat rental fee and pay for gas — that’s it.

Safe And Dependable

Scooter Style offers repair and maintenance services, so all our products are serviced and in top condition. You can be sure that you’re getting the a safe, dependable scooter when you rent from us.

We welcome both first-time scooter riders and experienced pros. We give first-timers an onsite scooter tutorial that includes driving and parking, as well as filling up the gas tank. Scooter Style will also give you the contact information for our technicians just in case you have an issue with a flat tire or run into any other problems throughout your trip. We will give you everything you need to ensure that you’re ready to explore Miami on your very own scooter.

Just picture yourself riding along Collins Avenue in South Beach, better known by locals as SoBe, on your very own rental scooter! If you’re looking for the best Vespa rentals in Miami, look no further. We’re located on Collins Ave so come by, grab your rental, and hit the road in style. Make a reservation online now or call 305-904-8085 to learn more.

Renting A Scooter In Miami Beach: It’s Easier Than You Think!

When you’re on island time, nothing beats riding around on a scooter, taking in the sites and enjoying the warm breeze on your face. If you’re planning your next trip to Miami Beach or you’re a local looking for a little fun in the sun, renting a scooter is a great first step for a memorable day. Scooters are affordable, get good gas mileage, are easy to drive and park, and allow you to take in the inspiring sights, sounds and smells of SOBE in style.

License Requirements

What if you’ve never driven a scooter before? You may be wondering if you’re you even qualified to get behind the wheel of that pink Vespa and hit Collins Avenue. It all depends on the type of scooter you’re driving. Many scooter rental companies offer a wide range of scooters from 49cc engines to upwards of 150cc.
Vehicles with engines 50cc and below typically won’t reach speeds higher than 30 miles per hour and therefore can be driven without any special training or licensing. You can simply hop on one of these scooters with nothing more than astandard non-commercial driver’s license.

If you want something a little faster, you’re going to need avalid motorcycle license.
Of course, having a valid driver’s license also means that you should be at least 16 years of age to drive a scooter with a 50cc engine or below (21 years of age for faster scooters). But that’s the end of it. You don’t need special insurance, nor do you need to go through any training program to drive a scooter.

Free Online Scooter Driving Tutorial

Even though you can hop on a scooter with no special training, it’s always a good idea to be prepared! At Scooter Style in SOBE (South Beach), we’ll teach you everything you need to know to have a safe, fun and memorable experience. Especially for first-time scooter riders, this type of instruction will ease fears and ensure that you have an awesome day.

Our onsite scooter tutorial walks you through the steps of driving the scooter, filling up the tank with gas, parking, and more. Our trained staff will also run through safety procedures and provide you with the recommended helmet before you hit the road. Finally, we will make sure you have our contact information in case of a flat tire or other mechanical issue so that our technicians can meet you to service the scooter.
When it comes to a day in Miami Beach from the back of a scooter, the only thing you need to worry about is having fun! Scooter Styles will meet you at your hotel or home and get you trained, outfitted, and off on your very own scooter. Contact us today at 305-904-8085 or make your reservation online, pick up your scooter, and hit the road in style.